In 1,000+ locations within super markets across Europe EatHappy offers lovingly handmade sushi and many other Asian specialities. In 2021 we created the happy headline typeface family as part of the brand redesign by Korefe.

Two versions: Pro (incl. alternative shapes) and Basic

In partnership with Korefe
Creative Director: Alan von Lützau

Photography: Eat Happy

The brand and briefing

Eat Happy is a friendly brand by name. The 2021 rebranding made it a mission to make this friendliness visible in every brand asset. Imagery, colors, copy and type. The idea of the smiling type was born by Alan von Lützau and his team at Korefe. They approached us with basic sketches and asked us to turn it into a typeface.

Character Type – Eat Happy

For a few glyphs some more eccentric shapes were added.

Character Type – Eat Happy

These may be accessed through the lower case letters in the PRO version of the EatHappy fonts.

Eat Happy Typeface

To solidify and underline the smile effect we chose a classic construction model. Geometrically round O’s and G’s and classic width proportions add a human and warm touch.

The horizontal proportions were turned upside down a feature know from classic typefaces such as »House Industries« beloved »Neutraface«.

Character Type – Eat Happy
Character Type – Eat Happy
Character Type – Eat Happy

Glyph set

Maybe one of the smallest glyph sets we ever produced. But hey, we had to keep a lean budget. And since its a uppercase headline typeface, no one needs all the craze.

Character Type – Eat Happy

Other custom type projects

Character Type – Eat Happy

Süddeutsche Zeitung
A set of 50+ typefaces for one of Germanys largest national newspapers.

Character Type – Eat Happy

Schwäbisch Hall
A sans serif family for Germanys largest home financing bank.