Character Type creates retail and custom typefaces for both small businesses and international brands. All our retail typefaces are available as trial fonts. Or mail us for a conversation about type.

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Zauberei, ABC, Snooze, Time traveler, Outside, 365 days
Zauberei, ABC, Snooze, Time traveler, Outside, 365 days
Zauberei, ABC, Snooze, Time traveler, Outside, 365 days
Zealousness, Yellowwood, Xerox, Warrantable, Vindictiveness, Ultras, Transmission, Stereo, Revolutions, No. 0123456789
Accidents, Button Styles, Custard, Dependency, Effectiveness, Family, Gepard, House
Bibliothek, Jackson, Adapted, Pavian, South Africa, Whittaker, Railway, Titelzeile
Bodenbakterien, Deconstructionist, Expressionist, Fabrics, Goofy, Harvest, Investment, Imkerhonig
Autonomy, Raufen, Abziehen, Sundays best, Briefing, Poster, Economy, Wirtschaft, zusammenrücken
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Reinstitutionalized, Quadruplicated, Parasympathomimetic, Otherworldly, Nomenklatur, Macro: §%$/(€)
Sicherheitskonferenz, Karfreitag, Hamster, Meerschweinchen, Guppy, Chlorlösung, Kalkulation
Idea and design: Johannes Erler, Design: Henning Skibbe


Character Type
Character Type
Character Type

NewsSerif is the sister typeface of NewsSans. The letter style evolves throughout the different subfamilies to become more expressive and excessive in the Large and Huge families.


NewsSans is a multi-tool typeface system with no fewer than 90 styles made for editorial and corporate design.


characters#01 … is a blend of type magazine and a typeface specimen. We have married the two into one creative space and share some recent type-related thoughts and insights, while introducing NewsSans.