character type designs and develops retail and custom typefaces for small and international brands. Henning Skibbe and his team are based in Hamburg, Germany.

Character Type
Character Type

Now Available: NewsSans as Variable Font
We are now offering NewsSans also as a variable font. Feel free to contact us about the options and possibilities.

Latest release
NewsSans is a multi-tool typeface system incorporating no fewer than 90 styles. It was designed to allow a maximum range of visual shades when creating a typographic look, effortlessly ranging from loud and expressive, to subtle and reserved.

characters#01 is more than a showcase for the NewsSans family: A typography magazine married with a typeface specimen.

Retail Typefaces

Zealousness, Yellowwood, Xerox, Warrantable, Vindictiveness, Ultras, Transmission, Stereo, Revolutions, No. 0123456789
Accidents, Button Styles, Custard, Dependency, Effectiveness, Family, Gepard, House
Bibliothek, Jackson, Adapted, Pavian, South Africa, Whittaker, Railway, Titelzeile
Bodenbakterien, Deconstructionist, Expressionist, Fabrics, Goofy, Harvest, Investment, Imkerhonig
Autonomy, Raufen, Abziehen, Sundays best, Briefing, Poster, Economy, Wirtschaft, zusammenrücken
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Idea and design: Johannes Erler, Design: Henning Skibbe

Custom Typefaces

Rotkraut bleibt Rotkraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid.
Design: Henning Skibbe as partner at Bureau Johannes Erler
In einem Bächlein helle, da schoß in froher Eil die launische Forelle vorüber, wie ein Pfeil: Ich stand an dem Gestade und sah in süßer Ruh des muntern Fischleins Bade m klaren Bächlein zu.
Design: Henning Skibbe as partner at Bureau Johannes Erler
Die heiße Zypernsonne quälte Max und Victoria ja böse auf dem Weg bis zur Küste.
Design: Henning Skibbe as partner at Bureau Johannes Erler