character type produces unique typefaces to serve as tools in typography and branding for small and international brands. We are located in Hamburg, Germany.

Henning Skibbe (*1979) is a trained type and communication designer, a typographic consultant and lecturer. After having studied in Potsdam and Melbourne he published his first typeface family Haptic for which he won the prestigious TDC2 award. In the past years he worked as a designer at Factor Design and as a partner at Bureau Johannes Erler. At the latter he was responsible to design typefaces for brands such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, the e-commerce giant OTTO or the publishing house MedienUnion.

Since 2019 he is running the character type foundry where he produces retail and commissioned typefaces. Henning is a member of the Art Directors Club (ADC).


Henning Skibbe talks, lectures and does workshops at universities and conferences


Upcoming workshops and lectures

16th–18th May 2019

ADC Festival
23rd and 24th May 2019

Future of Reading
December 2019

Past workshops and lectures

Workshops with the Art Directors Club in Hamburg and Munich (ADC)

Typo Berlin
Typo Days in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Zurich, Wien and many more
Monotype Brand Days
Currently lecturing at Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW) in Hamburg