Süddeutsche Zeitung

As part of a greater redesign of the Süddeutsche Zeitung – one of Germanys most prominent daily newspapers – an individual typeface system was developed.

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Medien Union

Medien Union is one of the largest media outlets in Germany. The typeface family created is being used across a multitude of their media brands from newspapers to school book publishers and radio stations.

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OTTO Script

When the german retail giant OTTO redesigned their corporate design a script typeface was designed to add a personal feeling to a straight and at times technical corporate design.

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Haptic Coles

The largest Australian supermarket chain Coles is using a customized version of our »Haptic« family for their branding. We added several sets of numerals, a bunch of alternative glyphs and a very compressed companion to the family.

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Custom typefaces

Custom typefaces are a powerful way to communicate your company’s brand values and business ­principles. Type is deeply woven into the soul of great brands. At Character Type we find new and innovative ways to ensure your typeface best reflects your brand’s values.

We provide a completely tailored service, from brand type workshops to type design as well as spacing, kerning, hinting and mastering. Our finished typefaces are always exquisitely crafted and designed to work across all communica­tion platforms.

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Character Type – Custom Type
Character Type – Custom Type
Character Type – Custom Type
Character Type – Custom Type
Character Type – Custom Type
Character Type – Custom Type


Character Type – Custom Type

Typeface Design

We design typefaces that fit your brand. As a brand element type is woven into even the smallest part of brand communication. It therefore has the ability to permeate brand values in every corner of a brand universe. We are experienced in finding new and innovative ways to make your typeface reflect your brand values.

Character Type – Custom Type

Spacing and Kerning

The spaces between letters are just as important for great legibility as the letter forms themselves. We care a great deal to design these spaces and to ensure all letter combinations pair up perfectly.

Character Type – Custom Type


Hinting is the art of making a typeface shine on any kind of display: Hires or lores. Basically we enclose »hints« into the typeface to instruct the client computer on how to interpret the fonts within the pixel grid.

Character Type – Custom Type

Font mastering

Typefaces may contain a wealth of typographic tools such as small caps, ligatures or various numeral formats. To make these easily accessible to typographers OpenType features are added.

10 reasons to commission a custom typeface


any size character set


unique design


custom symbols set


one license for all purposes and all users


multiple font formats for your company needs


customised language support


optimised screen performance


custom set of OpenType features


corresponding type styles from sans to serif to slab to script or experimental


individual pricing